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Explore a beautiful shoreline by sea kayak. Try a 3 day escape to Georgian Bay, paddle through a maze of icebergs in a remote fjord in Greenland, kayak with sea lions in Baja or search for the elusive narwhal in the Canadian Arctic. These sea kayak adventures are not your everyday holiday.


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Northern Expeditions to Canada and Greenland

Northern Canada and Greenland are known for their expansive wilderness and astounding beauty. This summer we have 3 kayak expeditions in the far north: East Greenland, further north in Scoresbysund and near Pond Inlet on Baffin Island in arctic Canada. Experience the journey of a lifetime as you Kayak through deep fjords surrounded by snow capped mountains and tidewater glaciers. Wild life is an essential part of this area, as musk oxen, arctic hare, arctic foxes, and ermine are prevalent, as well as seals, fish, and perhaps the occasional polar bear or whale. For the few who are brave enough, these expeditions in Northern Canada and Greenland are the adventures of a lifetime.

Southern Kayak Trips in Ontario

Southern Ontario is a beautiful and expansive area known for evergreen trees, beautiful blue water lakes, waterfalls, and towering cliffs. One of our 8 different Ontario sea kayak trips can help you experience this beautiful area like never before. Trips are available for individuals with any level of previous experience, but for those who wish to enjoy the natural beauty and pristine wilderness of Southern Ontario; our Southern Kayak Trips are unforgettable.

Winter Kayak Trips in Baja, Mexico

Baja, Mexico is the perfect destination for winter kayaking. Leave the cold behind and enjoy the tropical weather of Mexico while experiencing kayaking like never before. Our winter kayak trips in Baja, Mexico include immersing yourselves in some of the most alluring surroundings that Mexico has to offer, including beautiful rock formations, gorgeous blue seas, and majestic gray whales. Swimming with sea lions, exploring the beautiful white sand beaches, discovering the numerous coves and islands; all while surrounding yourself with hundreds of exotic animal species makes these winter kayak trips in Baja, Mexico a truly remarkable and memorable experience.

Kayak in Chile

Explore the Fjords of the Gulf of Ancud a protected sea in Northern Patagonia. With full time mother ship support anyone can enjoy this kayak trip to a land of wild mountain cliffs, temperate rainforests, marine wildlife and hot springs all under the diamond stars of the Southern Cross.



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