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Paddle the best canoeing rivers in Canada - and more: the fabled Nahanni, the Coppermine, the Mountain, the Dumoine and 20 other adventures. There are whitewater canoe expeditions in the distant arctic mountains and past vast herds of Caribou along barrenland river shores, a trip on an Arctic island and 10 exciting wilderness getaways in Ontario and Quebec. For something different we have a canyon trip in Utah or Texas and a new canoeing vacation based at Nipika Lodge in BC.

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Nahanni River Canoe Trips

Whether you are fairly new to canoeing or an experienced expert, our Nahanni River canoe trips are a favored getaway. With canyons walls that shoot up over 900 meters above you to the mighty Virginia Falls, the Nahanni River offers a rare beauty that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Choose from a classic trip for the whole family, expeditions for women only, or whitewater adventures for the more advanced canoeist. Choose your adventure and enjoy over 50 miles of national reserve.

More Northern Canada Canoe Trips

Experience the beauty of untouched wilderness with one of our many canoe trips down your choice of several rivers in the Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest Territories, of Canada. Even beginning paddlers are welcome on the 12-day Keele River trip where you can enjoy alpine scenery with peaks over 2250 meters as well as rare wildlife that are attracted by the natural salt licks on the shore.

Plenty of trips offer a challenge for the moderate canoeist down rivers such as the Snake, Coppermine, and Soper while experts can take on the more challenging Natla, Hood, Mountain and Bonnet Plume Rivers.




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